Areas in Kent We Services

The Areas We Service in Kent

We provide our services in the following postcodes in Kent.



Postal District Code Postal District Name
BR8 Sevenoaks
CT1 Canterbury
CT10 Thanet
CT11 Thanet
CT12 Thanet
CT13 Dover
CT14 Dover
CT15 Dover
CT16 Dover
CT17 Dover
CT18 Folkestone and Hythe
CT19 Folkestone and Hythe
CT2 Canterbury
CT20 Folkestone and Hythe
CT21 Folkestone and Hythe
CT3 Dover
CT4 Canterbury
CT5 Canterbury
CT6 Canterbury
CT7 Thanet
CT8 Thanet
CT9 Thanet
DA1 Dartford
DA10 Dartford
DA11 Gravesham
DA12 Gravesham
DA13 Gravesham
DA2 Dartford
DA3 Sevenoaks
DA4 Sevenoaks
DA9 Dartford
ME1 Medway
ME10 Swale
ME11 Swale
ME12 Swale
ME13 Swale
ME14 Maidstone
ME15 Maidstone
ME16 Maidstone
ME17 Maidstone
ME18 Maidstone
ME19 Tonbridge and Malling
ME20 Tonbridge and Malling
ME5 Medway
ME6 Tonbridge and Malling
ME9 Swale
TN1 Tunbridge Wells
TN10 Tonbridge and Malling
TN11 Tonbridge and Malling
TN12 Maidstone
TN13 Sevenoaks
TN14 Sevenoaks
TN15 Sevenoaks
TN16 Bromley
TN17 Tunbridge Wells
TN18 Tunbridge Wells
TN2 Tunbridge Wells
TN23 Ashford
TN24 Ashford
TN25 Ashford
TN26 Ashford
TN27 Ashford
TN28 Folkestone and Hythe
TN29 Folkestone and Hythe
TN30 Ashford
TN4 Tunbridge Wells
TN8 Sevenoaks
TN9 Tonbridge and Malling




We offer the following services in Kent:


  • Metal Roofing
  • Metal Cladding
  • Timber Cladding
  • Aluminum Coping Systems
  • Quadcore KarrierPanel