Timber Cladding

Timber cladding comes in a variety of different products including Larch, Cedar and Oak, ranging from traditional feather edge and rustic waney edge to a more modern sleek look of machined shiplap. Often referred to as weatherboarding, timber cladding can add a beautiful, environmentally friendly finish to your project.


Why use timber cladding? 

General Advantages of Timber Cladding

1. Timber is a lightweight material with weatherproof functions
2. Unique design
3. Quick to install
4. High thermal properties
5. Suitable for new builds and renovations
6. Easy to repair if damaged

Environmental advantages

1. Renewable resource
2. High sustainability
3. Low carbon footprint
4. 100% recyclable

Charred timber cladding is a unique design which many are moving towards due to its striking look and weatherproof qualities.

It is a traditional Japanese wood charring technique that gives the timber a rustic look, this creates a beautiful, burnt finish to the cladding which comes in different looks to match your specifications. 

We offer a full supply and installation service working with you to bring your project drawings to life.