Metal Roofing

We offer a trained and experienced team to carry out all aspects from the design to fitting of a traditional standing seam system, whether its a standing seam roof or side work, this can be applied to commercial or residential buildings.

There are many benefits to have a metal standing seam roof.
  1.  There are not visible fixings into the metal panels, this means there are no potential leaks through fixings over time.
  2. There are no gaps or overlaps like a tiled roof, this means there is no weather blowback and suitable for low pitch roofs.
  3. Fire resistant. A properly fitted standing seam metal roof has a class A fire rating.
  4. Low maintenance. A standing seam metal roof requires very low maintenance as the fixings and fasteners are concealed, therefore no need to periodically crawl over the roof checking fixings and fasteners for leaks.
  5. This type of metal roofing comes in many different colours to suit your style and preferences.
  6. Materials. Metal standing seam roofing is offered in different materials such as aluminium, zinc, copper and stainless steel to suit your style and budget.

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Other Services

We provide other roofing and cladding services including fibre cement & composite cladding.