Quadcore KarrierPanel

Quadcore KarrierPanel is a modern building solution that offers a fast and effective alternative to conventional multi component wall systems.

Quadcore KarrierPanel was developed by Kingspan, significantly impacting timelines as well as costs on your project.

Benefits of using Quadcore KarrierPanel.

  1. Quadcore KarrierPanel is a streamlined alternative to traditional wall systems with the ability to be installed on almost any building type.
  2. Minimise costs: Provides a cost effective, time sensitive solution to traditional wall build ups.
  3. Keeps timelines to a minimum: Significantly reduces construction timelines with reduced installation times.
  4. Flexible design: Can be suited to a more creative design without compromising performance.
  5. Weathertight: Excellent air tight system, allowing internal construction work to start earlier than normal while the exterior facade is still being installed.

Quadcore KarrierPanel is a fast, cost effective revolutionary building system that keeps your construction project on schedule and in budget without compromising quality or performance.

Nextgen Cladding Ltd offer a full supply and install or installation only services for Quadcore KarrierPanel, bringing your project from drawings to real life.

Kingspan KS1000RW box profile panels

Kingspan KS1000RW box profile panels are a simple sandwich panel comprising of different thicknesses of an insulation filler and an internal and external steel panel, creating a perfect all in one solution to insulating and cladding your building.

We offer a full Kingspan KS1000RW box profile panel design, supply and install service to your specifications.

KS1000RW Quadcore box profile insulated panels cover a maximum width of 1000mm and are suitable for roofs with a pitch of 4 degrees or more and all finishing accessories can be supplied and installed to match the panels.

Quadcore KS1000RW box profile panels use closed cell insulation technology and has a guaranteed thermal performance of 40 years. It is not subject to thermal performance degradation unlike other insulation materials which is caused by poor weather ingress.

Quadcore KS1000RW insulation benefits.

1. Guaranteed to retain its thermal performance even when exposed to water when installing.
2. Insurer approved to FM standards and protects against the spread of fires.
3. Does not cause irritation to the skin when handling the product and is non hazardous.
4. Eliminates cavity wall condensation and cold bridging.

Advantages of using Quadcore KS1000RW panels

1. Quick, single fix installation
2. Non degrading thermal performance
3. Minimal air leakage
4. Eliminates cavity condensation and cold bridging

Quadcore KS1000RW box profile panels can be used in a wide variety of projects including:

1. Domestic buildings
2. Commercial and industrial units
3. Schools
4. Universities
5. Agricultural buildings
6. Equestrian buildings


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